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Moisture Analyzers

The moisture content of a material is an important parameter and affects the usability, the processibility, stability and shelf life of the product. Moisture plays a significant role for the quality of food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare and chemical products as well as in environmental control. The determination of the moisture content of these materials in development and production is indispensable. Moisture is a price determining factor, and most materials have an optimal content. This means that every manufacturing industry needs to be able to determine the moisture content fast and reliably at each different level of a production process. This enables machine operators to correct a process on time to maintain quality.
Thermogravimetric moisture analyzers are the ideal choice for fast and precise determination of the moisture content. The loss in weight of the sample is determined by weighing and heating with an infrared heater. The loss on drying is continuously recording and analysis is automatically switched off when the drying endpoint has been reached and the final result is calculated and displayed.

The analyzer needs to accommodate the various requirements of the sample and user. Pasty or liquid samples require parameters that are different from those needed by solid or dry samples. The required measurement speed, resolution and flexibility of a device need to be considered as well as the place of analysis inside a production facility or in a QC laboratory.
Sartorius offers a broad range of moisture analyzers that address these different sample requirements and customer needs. These moisture analyzers deliver fast, easy and accurate results for process and quality control applications. You can choose from the user friendly basic model to our high-end moisture analyzer.
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Moisture Analizer For the quality of a product the content of moisture is an important factor and its determination is one of the common analyses in product development and the manufacturing process. The different requirements of speed, resolution of the values measured or the operating design of a moisture analyzer must always be considered.

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Your Reliable Partner for Routine Tasks The MA37 is a next-generation moisture analyzer and continues the success story of the MA35. The MA37 delivers fast, accurate results and is easy to operate.

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Speed Meets Analytical Precision For samples with a high moisture content, microwave drying is the fastest and most effective thermogravimetric method for moisture analysis. Developed for analyzing moisture content ranging from approx. 8% to 100%, the LMA200PM performs moisture analysis in a fraction of the time it takes for other methods.

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Speed Meets Analytical Precision The MA100 moisture analyzer features the highest measuring accuracy and precision for a thermogravimetric moisture analyzer.

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