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Weights and Weight Sets

Regular inspection and testing of weighing instruments are essential to ensure reliable weighing results. Sartorius offers highly accurate metrological weights and weight sets with nominal mass values from 1 mg to 1,000 kg, special and test weights, as well as the right accessories required for correct handling, storage and cleaning of weight. For unique identification and classification, all Sartorius weights except for wire and leaf weights are laser engraved with an individual three-character alphanumeric marking in accordance with the OIML R111-1 International Recommendation. Therefore, Sartorius weights are 100% traceable throughout their entire life cycles. The weights made of cast iron have a unique marking stamped on the cover plate.
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Reference Line Weights

Sartorius Reference Line weights are the first choice for primary mass standards. They are supplied with a first-class finish featuring a high gloss polish and corrosion resistant surfaces. The quality of these weights exceeds the requirements of the OIML R111-1 International recommendation. Sartorius Reference Line weights have only positive deviations from the nominal value.

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Proof Line Weights

Sartorius Proof Line weights are high quality working standards for everyday use. These weights are made of high quality material with polished or precision lathed surfaces and comply in all respects with the requirements on shape, aterial and markings specified by the OIML R111-1 International Recommendation.

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Special Weight Sets

All weights of the Sartorius service weight sets have the same features and properties as the individual weights of the Sartorius Reference Line series, along with the corresponding maximum permissible errors. These service weight sets are supplied with gloves, tweezers and a brush in a service case. The Sartorius density reference set consists of stackable disc weights. All weights are made of special stainless steel.

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Cylindrical Weights

Sartorius cylindrical weights of OIML classes E2, F1 and F2 are made of special stainless steel that has a density of 7,950 kg/m3. Their tolerances comply with OIML R111-1. These weights are nonmagnetizable and have a polished surface. They are supplied in high-quality plastic cases that are suitable for use in cleanrooms.

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